What We Do

Hark Technologies develop smart solutions for the energy industry and consumer market, which informs users about their power consumption, helping them to save energy. In the future we aim to develop a solution that automatically moves your power consumption to the time of the day when energy is cheapest.

Hark Technologies first product is the EcoMonitor, a device that plugs directly into the HAN-port of your new smart meter. The device will extract the data available and the information will be presented to the user.

A good and robust system that monitors what is going on in the building is essential for being able to optimize energy efficiency. With our custom made hardware and cloud solution we connect directly to your smart electricity meter, and provide you with real-time data about your power consumption in a secure way.

By representing data about power consumption in an intuitive way, we bring awareness to the average consumer and contribute with an efficient tool for energy optimization.

Our long term vision is to further develop our existing technology as an important key for seamless automation of future homes and offices.

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